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Best Course For Girl After 12 – Career Option After 12th

Best Course For Girl After 12
Best Course For Girl After 12

Nowadays, women and men are working side by side in every field of life. Now, the world of women is not limited to choose the best course for girl after 12.

With the advent of Modern Education, along with appropriate education and communication, every woman has got immense opportunities and substantial discounts to make her dreams and ambitions comes true.

The Best Course For Girl After 12th

Therefore, if you are one of that girl who wants to make their dreams come true with the intention of becoming the next corporate leader, then here we are listed some best course for girl after 12 for you to do this.

We are presenting a comprehensive list of some career options for your convenience, which, according to your passion, talent, and skills, can help you in providing an opportunity to choose the best course for girl after 12 for you. Let’s read further:

Career As An Air Hostess

It is a very popular and best course for female in India who are attractive, beautiful and looks as well.

If you like to talk to other people with your attractive personality and have great communication skills, then this profession is a suitable career option for you.

As an air hostess, you will visit different places and countries, where you can stay in the hotels and talk to new people every day and get new experiences.

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However, if you want to adopt this profession then you have to be ready to work with 100% commitment, dedication, and courage.

Eligibility and Personality Quality

Many institutes in India offer diploma and short-term courses and training to girl candidates.

For training of air hostess, air service carriers such as Air India and Indian Airlines recruit young girls between the ages of 19 to 25, with at least 157.5 centimeters in height.

In most places, the compulsory education qualification is a 12th standard pass.

But some institutions may ask you about the degree of graduation.

Only smart and confident girls, who have attractive and polite personality, can choose the profession of an air hostess.

In addition to these traits, Excellent Communication Skills and Good Sense of Humor is also a key requirement of this profession.

For this profession, you must have mastered at least one foreign language; However, this is not a mandatory condition.

Educational Institute

In India, many educational institutes provide degree courses and training to students for the profession of Air Hostess. The names of some famous institutions are being given below.

  • YMCA, New Delhi
  • Skyline Educational Institute, Hauz Khas, Delhi
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, New Delhi

Job Prospects

After successfully completing the training and course of air hostess, the candidates can get jobs in various public and private airlines such as Air India, Indigo, British Airways, etc.

Best Jobs For Females In Advertising

Nowadays, advertising has emerged as a very attractive and favorite profession, which guarantees you fun and creativity on one side and on the other hand, it gives you recognition and publicity.

In this profession, you have the ability to bring awareness about your surroundings and after that, you must have the ability to woo your target audience through savvy advertisements.

Understanding All-Round Creativity, Understanding User Behavior and Branding Skills are Essential Terms for Advertiser’s Career.

Eligibility and Personality Quality

Eligibility Criteria for joining an Advertising Course at Bachelor Level is to pass 12th class and graduation degree in any subject for PG level.

Many institutes offer advertising courses of the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The best way to start your career in advertising is to join the job in an ad agency.

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According to your passion and skills, you can join the creative or management department in any ad agency.

In order to create successful and best course for girl after 12 in advertising, with tolerance and calm nature, you must have very good imaging and visualization skills.

In order to achieve progress in this field, you also have the ability to work under pressure so that you can achieve your targets in strict deadlines.

Mastery in language, with the ability to work closely with the team, organizational skills are also very important to make a great deal in this profession.

Educational Institute

Some of the best institutes to offer professional courses in advertising are:

  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, (Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi)
  • Center for Mass Media, YMCA, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), New Delhi
  • Casey College of Management, Mumbai
  • Currency Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA)
  • Narsi Mondi Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  • St. Xavier’s College of Communications, Mumbai

Job Prospects

After completing his studies in Advertising, you can get jobs in Ad Agencies, Radio Channels, Media Houses, e-commerce stores, FMCG companies, and PR Agencies.

The popularity of advertising promotions and branding is increasing day by day.

Nowadays organizations are more like giving jobs to professionals associated with client servicing, account management, public relations, sales promotion, art direction, and copywriting.

 Career In Fashion Designing

Nowadays, our lifestyle has been influenced by economic development and modern values.

Today, every person wants to adopt a different and special lifestyle in terms of clothing, food, travel, education, and relationships.

Looking at these trends, fashion designing has emerged as the best course for girl after 12.

Now, every second person wants to dress up and dress in a stylish and elegant manner, and the demand for fashion designers has increased.

Fashion in today’s modern society has become an integral part of people life. Therefore, in this profession, you can start your career and bring it to new heights.

Eligibility and Personality

After Passing the Basic Eligibility Criteria after 12th Class for doing a Fashion Designing Course.

After 12th Class, you can do two types of courses – Bachelor Degree in Fashion Technology and Bachelor Degree in Fashion Designing.

According to your interests, you can do any of these courses. The duration of these two courses is 4 years.

To join this profession, you must have a very good, imaginary navigator.

To match Fabrics, Colors, and Style to create great masterpieces, you must have an artistic viewpoint with extraordinary visualization capabilities as well.

Apart from this, you have to be fully prepared for the competition and challenges in this area.

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You have to keep yourself updated with the user’s fashion test and latest fashion trends.

Educational Institute

The following is a list of top institutes to make courses in fashion designing:

  • CEPZ Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai
  • Jedi Institute of Fashion Technology (various cities)
  • National Institute of Fashion Design, Calcutta
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar)
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi
  • Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

Job Prospects

If you are artistic and you have the best fashion sense, then you can skyrocket in this profession.

A skilled and talented fashion designer can get jobs as a stylist or designer in apparel companies, export houses, and the Raw Metal Industry.

The best thing about this profession is that after getting some years of experience you can open your fashion boutique.

For some fashion designer graduates, Visual Merchandising, Costume Designing, and Fashion Writing are other great career options.

Careers in Journalism and Mass Communication

You must be familiar with the names of famous news journalists like Anjana Om Kashyap and Barkha Dutt.

If you want to be like them, doing courses in journalism and mass communication will be the best course for female in India.

Proficiency in Journalism and Mass Communication is very challenging and risky.

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But nowadays, most are adopting this profession because it offers jobs along with publicity.

With the advent of digital media, the field of journalism and mass communication has become more extensive.

Now more jobs are available for Reporters, Copy Writers, Producers, Anchors, Experts and Colmists under this field.

Eligibility and Personality 

In order to get an undergraduate degree in mass communication, you have passed the 12th class.

Similarly, in order to earn a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, you have to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication.

Some colleges choose candidates with an entrance exam. However, some colleges select them on the basis of Academic Records of the Candidates.

Many institutes offer 1 year PG courses in Journalism and Mass Communication.

To master this profession, you must have extraordinary writing and verbal communication skills.

Along with this, you should have a lot of confidence and your personality should be attractive.

Come to the camera with full confidence and smartness. Your reporting should be a neutral and political impact on your thoughts and opinions.

Apart from this, the candidates of Mass Communication should have the ability to broadcast any story after, performing detailed research in their subjects.

Educational Institute

The top institutes to have mass communication courses in India are:

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, IIMC, New Delhi
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Department of Communication and Journalism, Pune University, Pune
  • Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune
  • New Delhi YMCA, New Delhi
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi, and Mumbai

Job Prospects

Various newspapers, news agencies, magazines, web sites, government, and private TV channels keep journalists, reporter, editor, and copywriter at their offices.

In addition, international papers and news channels offer a lot of jobs.

Job opportunities are available from time to time in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Mass Communication Graduates can get employment in various newspapers, magazines, news agencies, news websites, government, and private channels and radio stations.

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Likewise, International Newspapers and News Channels offer a number of vacations.

These jobs are available for job-profiles of reporting, editing, production, anchoring, copywriting, scriptwriting, and video shoots.


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