Gulf Jobs: ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment in American Military Bases

ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021 – Careers in Gulf: About: ODPEC

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ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021

An American based Security Service agency in Kuwait requires Security Guards for placement in American Military bases in Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Djibouti, and Afgnisthan

ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021 Job Details

Company/OrganizationHotel NameAn American based Security Service agency in Kuwait 
Job LocationKuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Djibouti, and Afgnisthan
Location of posting:Arifjan Camp / Camp Buehring in Kuwait, or in the bases of Iraq, Jordan and Djibouti, and Afgnisthan
Duty time:48 – 72 hours per week
EducationAt least 10+2 & fluency in English
Salary Range760 $ – 1530 $ per month (INR 55,000 – INR 1,10,000)
Age21 – 45 years
Experience desiredAt least 4 years Military experience with honorable discharge or four years of equivalent police experience or four years of equivalent private security experience.
Other benefitsFREE Accommodation, transportation, air ticket, and other medical allowances
Last Date20 May, 2021

ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021 : REQUIREMENTS

These security guards shall possess the following qualifications:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must be able to perform the following physical tasks:
  • Drag, carry, lift, and/or pull a person (150lbs) to safety.
  • Use physical force to detain a subject or prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Prolonged standing and/or sustained patrol on foot and in a vehicle.
  • Sustained pursuit of suspect on foot.
  • Dodging, crawling, climbing, and rapid ascent/descent of stairs.
  • Perform all of the above wearing duty equipment, to include ballistic and CBRN personal protective equipment, under adverse environmental conditions
  • Performing the above requires:
  • The ability to be stable with regard to consciousness and the control of voluntary motor functions and have the functional capacity to respond appropriately to routine and emergency situations of the job.
  • The ability to main mental alertness, deductive, and inductive reasoning, memory, and reliable judgment.
  • The ability to identify colors and read placards and street signs or see and respond to imminently hazardous situations in less than standard visual lighting conditions.
  • The ability to temporarily perform minimum required duties in the event eyeglasses are broken or displaced by emergency activity.
  • The ability to verbally communicate effectively under noisy circumstances with a potential for voice obstruction by PPE.
  • The ability to distinguish low intensity voice sounds from background noise in order to respond to imminently hazardous situations.
  • The ability to work in closed or confined spaces.
  • The ability to judge distances closer than 13 feet demonstrated, either by testing of depth perception or by a practical field test.
  • The ability to direct traffic or perform crowd control.
  • The ability to maintain balance under adverse conditions, weight loads, and at above ground heights, and maintain body flexibility.
  • The ability to properly and effectively wear or use PPE, including that used to prevent exposure to chemical, biological, or radiological agents.
  • Acuity of senses and ability of expression sufficient to allow essential, accurate communication by written, spoken, audible, visible, or other signals while using required personal protective equipment.
  • Adequate motor power, dynamic strength, range of motion, neuromuscular coordination, stamina, gross body coordination, and dexterity.
  • Must pass an annual Physical Ability Test per AR 190-56.
  • Must be able to perform the following tasks in extreme conditions:
  • Operate both as a member of a team and independently at incidents of uncertain duration.
  • Spend extensive time outside exposed to environmental elements.
  • Perform physical demanding work in hot (in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and humid (up to 100 percent humidity) atmosphere while wearing duty equipment and PPE, which may significantly impair body-cooling mechanisms.
  • Experience frequent transition from hot to cold and from humid to dry atmospheres.
  • Work, including walking, running, standing, pulling, and pushing in wet, icy, or muddy areas.
  • Work in areas where sustaining traumatic or thermal injuries are possible.
  • Face exposure to infectious agents, such as Hepatitis B or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
  • Wear PPE wearing in excess of 30 pounds while performing emergency tasks.
  • Perform physically demanding work while wearing a protective mask or respirator, which increases the resistance of inhalation and reduces the efficiency of air exchange.
  • Perform complex tasks during life-threatening emergencies.
  • Work for long periods of time (up to the limits allowed by applicable labor law), requiring sustained physical activity, and intense concentration.
  • Make life or death decisions during emergency conditions.
  • Be exposed to grotesque sights and smells associated with major trauma and burn victims.
  • Make rapid transitions from rest to near maximum exertion without warm-up periods.
  • Freedom from frequent episodes of pain or inability to perform work or sudden incapacitation.
  • Operate in environments of high noise, poor visibility, limited mobility, above- ground heights, and in closed or confined spaces.
  • Use manual and power tools in the performance of duties.
  • Rely on sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch to help determine the nature of the emergency; maintain personal safety; and make critical decisions in a confused, chaotic, and potentially life-threatening environment throughout the duration of the operation.
  • Employ and/or manipulate and accurately engage with various assigned weapons systems, radios, flashlights, less lethal implements, etc. while moving and communicating under all the above conditions.

ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021

If you interested to apply for the job position of ODPEC, please submit the following documents while submitting an online application and when you attend the pre-selection interview:

  • Updated CV
  • Original passport with minimum 1-year validity and a copy with previous visa (If any)
  • Highest educational degree certificate
  • Work experience certificated related to the job (minimum 2 years in )
  • Recently taken passport size a full-size color photographs
  • Academic certificates & job-related training certificates a work experience

HOW TO APPLY – ODPEC Security Guard Recruitment 2021

Interested qualified personals can apply through our web portal after registration in the portal. For more details, visit the website.

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 0471-2329441/42/43/45;  Mob: +91 77364 96574